Musselburgh Lagoons

The Hasselblad Xpan is a tremendous camera and one that I had wanted for a long time, so when one came up for a ridiculously low price I jumped on it immediately. For those who don't know the Xpan shoots in a panoramic aspect ratio using two frames of 35mm film together. Sure, most phones can do panoramas these days but that involves the stitching together of multiple images which brings with it problems such as warping and distortion, not to mention it makes capturing a scene with movement impossible since each picture is being taken at a different time. That's the beauty of the Xpan, it shoots true panoramas all with the ease of use of a rangefinder camera so you can capture a panoramic scene exactly as it looked. Anyway, enough technical talk, here's some pictures I took on my first trip out with the Xpan when my friend Kelly and I went for a walk along the Musselburgh Lagoons.